Thursday, 11 May 2017

Is there anybody there ?


  1. Yes and they are soaking wet....but are back online again, we hope !!

  2. Yes, but I have a problem with your site. In my blog roll sends me to a site name NU. I thought you were gone. But today I decided to try a direct search. After ten minutes of playing around I found some of your old post on google. Than I was able to get to the new post. If I type in your blog address in any engine it goes there, but if I try to get there from my blog roll, forget it. I don't know if it's just my blog or others are having this problem. But I thought I should let you know about it... Anyway I'm glad to see you back 😆

    peace and love

  3. Thanks 1MV...since Google got very edgy about the content of some image blogs, I have had difficulty in loading pics to " erotic in black white". This may be coincidental, and as any expertise I have is in searching out internet pics , definitely not in the tech side of blog makeup. I now run an ipad2 and I cannot find a suitable app to load images to my blog.
    Anybody got an answer ?
    I have several galleries on XNXX, all in monochrome .Thanks 1Man View,