Friday, 4 May 2012

erotic in black and white

erotic in black and white     ENCORE 2010, images first posted in July 2010

my first post 8 July 2010

She's fit !!!

What a beautiful breast !!!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

About me.....

going thru' another bad period of lows, with the occasional upward spike One of the saving graces of my lot used to be a glass or three of wine, French wine preferably, but now anything alcoholic tastes bitter.

But I kid myself by imaging what the wine would taste like without the mask of works sometime !!

Communication with kd is fragmented and not helping my overall mood....looks like I'll have to take hold of another hope for the future !!.

I've just read thru' this post and notice that my word selection is going to pot...but I'll leave it for now....away fro the weekend on Friday.....

More lubrication and a helping tongue !!!

Pussy by my request !!!!

Cockage by request !!!!