Thursday, 1 September 2011

First time I asked a girl for a date !!

I was very slow waking up to the fact that females are different to males. I mean back in the 50's females wore skirts and dresses, guys wore trousers and shorts.

I guess I was about 18 and working in my parents' city centre pub. A few yards down the block there was a mini-market that we used to buy tea, coffee and sugar from.

 It was quite small and usually the check out girl was the same everyday, she was quite petite with short black hair. The till was situated such that Sue sat with her back towards the shop window next to the exit door.

 For about six months all I did was smile, say "Hi !!", "Thanks", and "Bye!" ; for her part Sue smiled beautifully, said "Hello Alan !!" ," Have you heard the new Kinks record yet !" "See you tomorrow!"

Eventually I picked up the courage to ask her out, fear of rejection being temporarily a fail safe I also wrote a note on a postcard.."SUE, WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO OUT ON SATURDAY NIGHT"

I reached the till and chickened out....Sue smiled sweetly and said " Have a good weekend Alan, I hope you win at football !"

I blushed and nervously replied " You too Sue !!" I immediately thought " She doesn't play football!"  Well had to take my mind off my cowardice in front of a female.

As I walked out of the shop, I took the postcard out of my pocket, knocked on the shop window and pressed "SUE WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO OUT ON SATURDAY?" against the glass.

Sue smiled again and wrote a note on a piece of till roll......"SO SORRY ALAN GETTING MARRIED SATURDAY, YOU SHOULD HAVE ASKED ME EARLIER !!"

I turned on my heels, yet again a failure with girls and I never saw Sue again.

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