Saturday, 25 June 2011

The beach..........erotic Cijababe

After my first virtual assignation, my 'partner' wanted to meet again, and for me to do all the work this time. I spent a lot of time working on it, but unfortnately it never happened on the game we met on. I just wrote it down and sent it to him............

We meet on the sand, in the fading light with the moon rising. I was angry with you for being away for so long, but as soon as I see you, all is forgiven and all I want to do is to please you like you pleased me the last time we met. I say a simple hello and kiss you on the lips, and you hold me tight. We are barefoot and I feel the warm sand between my toes, the warmth of your body as I rest my head on your chest, and the hammering of your heart echoes mine.

You are wearing simple clothes, a soft shirt and loose trousers with a belt, and I want to tear them off then and there to see your naked body, but I know it will be better to go slow. I wear a low cut slip dress, black and silky, which clings to my contours and skims the top of my thighs. You pull away from me and look into my eyes, beginning an apology but I put my fingers to your lips, closely followed again by my own lips, and I kiss you once. I tell you that tonight I am in charge, and you must do as I ask. You smile and agree to my terms.

I take you by the hand and lead you across the beach to a palm tree, a blanket spread out on the sand nearby. Here I press you back against the trunk and start to kiss you in earnest, at first light butterfly kisses, our lips barely touching, These change in intensity as our lips remain touching for longer, I gently suck your lower lip and start to tease your lips with my tongue. Your tongue also probes and teases until we are kissing deeply, my palms resting on your chest. Your hands are on my body, stroking over the fabric of my dress on my back and reaching for my buttocks, trying to draw me closer, but I pull back a little and start to unbutton your shirt, my lips straying to your neck.

When all the buttons are undone and your chest is laid bare to me, I reach up and pull you forwards, sliding my hands over your shoulders under your shirt to pull it backwards and down, only allowing it as far down as your elbows, so that your arms are caught behind you and you can only just touch me. I press you back against the trunk of the tree to secure your arms a little more. You can easily free yourself, but you allow me to do this for now, as I am in charge and you are obviously curious as to what is in store for you.

My hands and mouth are free to run over your chest and belly, and I start to touch and kiss you here, lightly circling your nipples, first with my fingertips, and then with my mouth. You shudder and lean back against the tree, breathing deeply and surrendering to me for now. I work lower, mouth on your belly and hands on your sides and circling to your buttocks, stroking and kneading. 

I kneel at your feet and look up at you as I start to unbuckle your belt and slowly unzip your trousers; your head is back, your eyes closed and your breath is a little harsher now. I admire your restraint and praise you for it, but you still groan as I start to pull your trousers down to your ankles, and I see you are wearing black silk boxer shorts, which I also admire and choose to leave for now. You can no longer keep still, and you bring your weight forward so you can fight free of your shirt and step out of your trousers. Laughing, I stand and as you lunge at me, I retreat to the blanket, and you follow - we tumble onto it, a tangle of limbs.

For a short while I allow you free range of my body – our hungry mouths kiss deeply and your hands explore my flesh under my dress, your hands wandering under my panties to pull my hips to yours, pressing me against your hardness. Then I press you onto your back and command you to lie still. You look up at me as I pull my dress up and over my head, and you see I am again wearing my black lacy bra and panties. The bra does not remain for long, as I reach behind and undo the clasp, throwing it to the side to join my dress on the sand beyond the blanket, my breasts now bare in the moonlight, my nipples hard with desire.

I throw my knee over you so I am straddling your body, my hips above your groin. Your erection is lying impressively under the silk of your boxer shorts, and I slowly lower myself onto it, only silk and lace separating our hot flesh. I lower myself down to kiss your mouth, my hands on your shoulders holding you lightly down, and although you are more than strong enough to resist, again you allow me to do so. My bare nipples brush your chest and I do not know who is enjoying the sensation more – you or I. Our kisses are harder and more urgent now and I take my hands from your shoulders in order to run my palms over your chest, feeling your nipples hard under them, and down over your belly.

Your groin is hot and hard against the softness of mine and I break free, first sitting, then standing over you to take my panties off. Quickly I kneel beside you and gently bring my hands under your hips, lifting you up and pulling at your boxers. You half sit up, helping me to free yourself, and I pull the silk down to your ankles and off, throwing them aside to join my own clothes on the sand. 

Again I straddle you, but you are sitting up now and my knees are wide apart, your hard erection pressing against my belly. Your mouth is hot, your breath ragged, and you kiss me roughly – my lips, my neck, my breasts. I have to be more forceful now in order to press you back down, but I do so firmly and you comply, groaning and saying my name. Once more I lower my groin over yours, but this time there is no fabric to separate them – I feel your hard cock under my hot wet pussy. I want to make this last a little longer, so I do not remain like this for long and instead I sit to your side and lower my mouth to your groin, bidding you to stay still if you can.

Starting at the tip of your cock, I run my tongue down one side to the base and up the other side again, putting my lips to the head and moistening it with my tongue. Again I lick down and up the sides of your hot shaft, gently cupping your balls with my palm and gently rubbing my thumb over them. I feel you shudder as I continue to work up and down, moistening your cock and working to the front, allowing the head to slip between my lips each time I come to the top. Slowly I start to take more and more of it into my mouth, still sucking and licking with my tongue. Now you are obviously finding it hard to stay still, and I have a little difficulty keeping up with the movement of your hips, so I decide to change.

I would love to sit with my knees either side of your head, but think this would be even harder to control, so again I straddle your groin, this time allowing your cock to start to slide inside me. I am so wet and relaxed, you slip in easily at first until I feel your groin hard against mine, so I stop and squeeze the muscles of my vagina so can feel your hardness inside me. You arch your back, groaning, and seem to harden more and grow inside me and it is not difficult to feel you there. You reach up and cup my breasts, gently pinching my nipples - you know how sensitive they are and watch carefully for my reaction. You have chosen just the right time to do this, and it feels as if there is a connection between them and my clitoris; it makes me moan with delight. I start to move slowly up and down and lean forward, my hair falling across your face and chest as I move. You also move your groin with mine, giving me the cue to the rhythm you desire and we start to spiral towards completion, although I had wanted to hold off for a little longer, I know we have been apart for too long and are impatient.

The rhythm becomes harder and faster – you hold on to my hips and take total control of speed and depth, slamming hard into me - after a while I sense you are close, and so am I. Gasping, I force your hands off my hips and you tremble as I grind my weight down to keep you from thrusting. Instead I make tiny circles with my hips, keeping your cock deep inside, pressing my clitoris onto your pubic bone until I can feel the first shuddering waves of my orgasm start to wash over me. As it continues I no longer care what you are doing, and you grasp my hips again, making a few final thrusts to join me in a shuddering climax, both groaning in ecstasy.

Finally you lie still and spent, and I fall onto your chest, both breathing hard and I wait until my breath has slowed until I let your cock slide out of me. I reach out to the edge of the blanket where I have left a soft fleece to cover us. I nestle into your side, my head on your chest and pull the fleece over us, and we lie together, murmuring our satisfaction and drift off into blissful sleep below the stars and the moon with the waves gently lapping the shore.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Pussy of the day........

So nibbleable !!!!

Cock of the day....

A handy passage blocker !!!

Boobs of the day.....

Hands on head pose shows off to the full these full, inverted nipple breasts !!!

Ass of the day......

Soft yet firm. Grooves, curves, hollows....soft golden down. tan lines mmmhn !!!!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Pussy of the day........

Never before has the word slit been more appropriate !!

Cock of the day....

Is it real !!? For all you ladies who love a cooked breakfast...sausage and mushroom in one !!

Boobs of the day.....

Beautiful woman, fleshy in all the important places !!

Ass of the day......

A beautiful sight to behold

First time...............erotic Cijababe

First Time
I have boldly invited you over to my place this evening, hoping that what we started on the dancefloor the night before will continue. I was too shy to invite you over straight after the party, and my heart seems to leap into my throat as I wonder what this night will bring. I hear your step on the stairs, and arrange myself demurely but invitingly on the sofa, and my breathing quickens. You enter the room and I smile calmly although my stomach is turning over, and I greet you. You look around the room approvingly, your eyes seemingly unwilling to meet mine

‘Nice place’ you say, and I stand to greet you properly, unsteady on my legs and narrowly missing barking my shins on the coffee table. We embrace briefly and you kiss me on the cheek. I wonder if you can hear my heart hammering, it seems so loud to me. Already I am disappointed that our lips do not meet, but the night is young.
‘Thank you Archi, I’m glad you like it’ - I reply, my voice a little shaky. I have set the scene, the music is soft and the lights dim. Still avoiding my eyes, you turn and look outside to the patio and the pool. 

‘It’s warm outside’ you say ‘why don’t we go out and look at the view?’
‘There’s not much to see’ I say ‘Just the sea’, but you smile and take me by the hand, and we walk outside. Now you look me in the eye and my heart skips a beat
’I like the music’ you say ‘so much better than last night – shall we dance?’ and you put one hand lightly on my shoulder, the other on my waist, but you keep your distance so this is the only contact we have. We move easily and smoothly in time to the music, and the tune changes to the one I have been listening to lately and thinking of you. 

‘Oh, this is a beautiful tune’ I say, and you nod in approval. I swallow and gather my courage together. ‘Archi’ I say ‘you know, I find you very attractive’, and I cannot say more as my throat tightens. Your pace falters and you flush deeply.
‘You do?’ you say unsteadily and boldly I find the courage to go on
‘I was hoping you felt the same way about me’ I say. You stop dancing and again look me in the eye
‘From the first time I saw you, Cija’ is your reply, and my happiness is complete, it is my turn to blush
‘Oh Archi’ I breathe, and we embrace deeply, but you pull away a little, laughing and blushing again
‘I should have worn baggier pants’ you joke, and I can see that you do indeed find me very attractive, the bulge in your trousers obvious. 

We dance again, a little closer than before, and we exchange stories of when and where we have met over the last two weeks. We have been at the same parties, seeing each other at first across crowded dance floors, each time finding ourselves closer together, and we remember the night when I tried disastrously to flirt and you were the only one who did not laugh at me. The day after I apologised and you said it was ok, and after that we always danced together. Last night we had met on the streets on the way to the same club, you wearing that spectacular red jacket and carrying it off so well, I wearing that tight black dress, new that day. We had stayed close all night, even when others tried to dance with one or the other of us, and we ended up dancing very close, laughing at the antics of others and putting up a front, as if we were a couple. 

Now here we are, dancing alone with the whole evening before us.
I want you closer to me, and I ask you to put your hands on my hips. Unusually, you move to stand behind me, saying that you want to watch me dancing, so I continue and you do gently place your hands where I asked you. It feels strange, but then I feel your lips on my neck, which sends delicious shivers through me.
‘Oh, that’s nice’ I breathe, and your hands wander up over my belly and gently cup my breasts.

‘Are you cold?’ you ask ‘Your nipples are hard’, and I laugh nervously, saying it’s not cold but passion that is causing it. You are obviously teasing me, and your hands go low again, pulling my hips closer to yours, so I can feel it is not only my nipples that are hard, your cock pressing into my lower back. Your whole body is now pressed to my back, and you kiss and tease my neck with your tongue, I feel your breath hot and moan in appreciation. Now you turn me around so we are face to face and kiss me on the lips, softly at first, and I feel your heart hammering like my own. My legs have gone to jelly and I have to hang on to you so that they do not buckle underneath me. As our kisses become deeper, tongues exploring each others’ mouths, your hands slide under my dress and you put your hands on my buttocks, pulling me closer to your hardness. I have to keep my arms around your neck to stop from sliding to the floor as waves of pleasure wash over me, and I feel the wetness of my arousal between my thighs. 

‘I want you so much’ you say hoarsely, and all I can do is nod in agreement and breathe a single word of assent. I am afraid to tell you that I have never gone all the way before, and it is too late now, I know that nothing can stop us. You bend and slide an arm under my knees as I hold tightly to your neck, and you lift me effortlessly. I realise that earlier when you looked around the room, you had spotted the stairs leading up to the bed on the upstairs balcony, and that is where you now carry me, showing little sign of strain although I am not a light weight. As you put me down by the bed I feel suddenly shy and flush a little, and we falter, standing looking at each other. I cannot think of anything to do other than step out of my shoes, and you follow suit, taking your socks off also.

‘Did you know I have a belly ring?’ I ask stupidly, not sure what else to say, but you smile reassuringly, sensing my nervousness, and ask to see it. I realise that this means I will have to take off my dress, and I attempt to pull it over my head smoothly. You watch, undoing the buttons on your shirt and dropping it to the floor. All does not go well and I get a little tangled, but you smile indulgently as I wrestle my way out of it, finally standing wearing only bra and panties, black and lacy. You are stepping out of your trousers now, revealing boxer shorts straining over your erection – you do so effortlessly as if it is the most casual thing in the world. 

You step forward and kneel in front of me, your hands on my waist, and explore my navel and its ring with your tongue. This is more than I can bear, and I sit on the bed, unable to stand upright any more. As I sit, you follow me on your knees and look up at me as you encircle me with your arms, and I feel the fastenings of my bra come loose. You pull it gently off my shoulders, and I shudder as you cup my breasts, watching me intensely as your thumbs circle my nipples without touching them. I lie back on the bed dizzy with desire and you follow smoothly, so that we end up lying on the bed together, I on my back and you at my side still stroking my breasts and belly for a while. You roll over, putting one knee between my legs and your hands either side of my body, leaning down to kiss me deeply. 

Passion blurs my senses and I can feel your mouth moving down over my neck, working lower to my breasts, your tongue gently teasing my nipples. I am too overwhelmed, too weak with passion to move and your mouth moves lower, again teasing my navel, lower and lower and you gently pull my panties off, moving further down the bed. You stroke my thighs and push them gently apart and I am lost in new sensations, moaning my appreciation. You gently lift my knees and push them further apart, my most private places open to you, your fingers, your mouth, your tongue - I am not sure what you are doing any more but it feels delicious and you tease and hold me on the edge for what seems like an age. It is not as if I have never had an orgasm before, I have explored my body thoroughly, and I have been close with others, but still I am technically a virgin. I do not want to tell you this and I am a little ashamed.

Now you shift your body so that you are between my legs, again kissing my mouth – yours is hot and tastes strange, and I feel the hardness of your cock against the soft wetness of my pussy – at some time you have slipped out of your boxer shorts and I realise I have not seen you totally naked. The head of your cock nudges my clitoris and I shudder – I want you inside me now and try to pull you onto me, but you push my hands aside, teasing. You slide your cock over my clitoris, spreading the wetness from lower down, back and forth in a delicious delirious rhythm so that I am gasping with pleasure. 

You choose the moment at which you start to slide inside me, I am a little tight - you stop and tell me to relax and I do, and you are more careful now. I wonder if you have realised yet, you look a little thoughtful as you work your way further inside me, and there is briefly a sharp pain, but it is not long before you are all the way in, your groin against mine, my juices more than adequate to make everything easy. You start to pull out and slide in again, just a little at first, watching me intensely to see my pleasure. You start to move faster, and it is as if I am on fire, trembling on the edge of satisfaction, soon you are moving fast and deep, fucking me hard and pulling my hips up to go deeper. I hold back as long as I can until I can no longer wait, and the first wave of my orgasm starts to build.

I cry out your name and you answer me with mine as your orgasm also starts to shudder though you. Wave after wave follows, we are lost together and at last we are still again, lying spent and gasping, bathed in sweat. We separate, I lie on my back breathing hard and feeling my hammering heart start to slow again, you lying exhausted by my side, your hand lying across my belly. When our breathing has slowed you ask me how it was – I reply that it was glorious, perfect. You swallow and say 
‘That was amazing – who would have thought you were a virgin? Are you sure I didn’t hurt you?’
‘No my love, you didn’t – you were so considerate’ I reply, and we nuzzle into each other, drawing the bedclothes over our naked bodies and drifting off into a deep sleep.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Guest writer from tomorrow..

as my writing block seems to be no nearer being resolved, I have asked a female friend if she would like to post some of her work...I'm sure you will love her style !!

She will write under the name of CIJABABE

Hand bras.......................

More naughty gifs.....CLICK IMAGES

Pussy of the day........

Cock of the day....

when that is fully erect, I fancy he will not be far from passing out !!!!

Ass of the day......

peachy cheeks accentuated by the narrow string !!

Boobs of the day.....

plenty of shelter under that ledge !!