Saturday, 14 May 2011

I rate that expression as....

fairly nonchalant considering the girth of the cock up her ass !!

Thursday, 12 May 2011

COMMUNICATE, communicate and communicate ......

One of the secrets of a fulfilling relationship
Is COMMUNICATION, communication, communication
But that does not guarantee orgasmic togetherness
Because men and women
Do not speak the same language !!

I'll never forget.....

The first time I pulled my girlfriends panties to one side and saw her moist pink lips protruding from her neatly trimmed pubes !!

Biding her time !!

That's what's known in the trade as a "Full cheek clasp !"

Thanks to everyone who visits this blog....................

I get great pleasure compiling it, but it would be even better if more of you participated by making the odd comment or suggestionm.

Thanks theeyes

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

These perked me up....

especially the last one...marvellous navel and tit !!

Some people have it all.....

something that throbs between their legs and each other !!

The old jokes are the best ??

Guy: What's in it for me ?

Girl: Sand !!

Now young woman , you just have to be eaten !!

An Exquisite Display of Female Orgasmic Bliss -

An Exquisite Display of Female Orgasmic Bliss -


Just because she made me feel happier !!

Thank you whoever you are !!

Here I am working my way thru' a crappy low mood and I came across this image..

smothered to death by ass !! Whata beautiful last sight, feel and smell !!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Sorry partner can't oblige at the moment !!

She is so skinny, with beautifully formed breasts!!

She has permission to sit on my face anytime !!

well almost anytime....

Talkin' of so sexy...this one is too

ass cheek !!! mmmhn !!

This image should have been a gif....but I cocked it up

she is so sexy, she's stayin'

Not so much a story......

Naked, she lay on the bed knees up, legs apart..neatly trimmed pussy glisteningly moist..

"Fuck me !!" she said. "No foreplay,just stuff it in and shag me hard and fast!!"

Of course, I couldn't get an erection..even my fantasies are negative these days!!

Twenty odd years of serotonin adjusting medicine does nothing for your sensual well being..

it gives you patched up self esteem and generally fights off the urge to swallow a month's rations in one go.

But what does an aroused female taste like?;

good Chateauneuf hasn't got a nose of rusty bike chain surely ?

Can a woman's nipples really make such an impression on a silk nightshirt?

Is it perverted to feel the firm downy flesh of your partners ass cleavage with your purpled headed cock ?

Does the sound of her voice softly moaning really give that tingle thru' my scalp and down my spine?

Can I make her nipples spring to attention by breathing softly on her neck and trailing my lips across her shoulder?

Does the smell of her coconut shower gel have to send my skin receptors into overload...

Fuck knows, life is increasingly disappointing as the shadows get longer......

Smell, touch and taste....

What I need at the moment is some soft,silent, sensual intimacy...

and seeing that I'm not going to get it,how about these

images !!

kd no longer returns my messages !!

all channels of communication appear to be cut...but she'll always mean so much to me,and given a drop of courage she could almost be the perfect female....cheers kd xxxxxx