Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Touslehead meets Ed at the airport.....Story

And the race is on to get to the hotel bedroom !!!

Ed kicked open the hotel room door, threw his bag on the floor and grabbed KD round the waist, frantically kissing her neck.

Nothing was said or wud be said, this was a time for animalistic action. Still nuzzling at her neck, Ed began to unbutton KD's blue sleeveless shirt revealing the strap and cup of her sheer black bra.
She dug her fingers into his ass cheeks....he felt another surge energy fill his body. Almost frantically he yanked off her shirt leaving her standing in her cut off denim shorts, sheer black bra and flat shoes.

It was Ed's turn to be stripped, KD expertly peeling off his shirt and slacks leaving him in his boxers and socks. For a brief moment they stood apart, Ed feasting on her soft tanned curves, highlighted by beads of perspiration......KD was drawn to one thing only....Ed's massive erection which tented the front of his shorts.

She fell to her knees and brushed the front of his boxers causing his cock to spring out from it's and purple headed, it was almost shouting "suck me"...and suck it she did, first taking in the whole mushroom head, lightly gripping the ridge with her teeth...Ed moaned and softly pushed her head forward, whilst he stroked his own nipples till they stuck out like small acorns.

KD expertly worked the head and shaft of his cock, just as she had promised in their cyber sex sessions. Licking, sucking and tongue twirling his thick veined rod, she cupped his balls in one hand, expertly and gently jiggling and stimulating them.

Almost seamlessly KD took one ball in her mouth whilst jerking his cock rythmically ,just stopping each stroke below the rim !!

Ed knew he was not going to last much he withdrew his twitching cock from one warm wet hole, and having draped KD face down over the end of the bed, he slid his rampant dick into KD's delicioulsy wet and sloppy cunt......she let out a sudden "Oooh !!" as his body first entered hers.

A cuple of steady strokes and Ed was teetering on the edge of exploding , but he manage to control the tipping point as KD expertly gripped the head of his cock with her pussy and out as KD thrust forward her pubic mound, Ed had never experienced such wetness, tightness and hotness.

"Oh fuck you KD, I'm coming" Ed grunted and he gave two last squelchy thrusts before ejaculating deep in KD's pussy.

KD shuddered, moaned and reached her crescendo shortly after as Ed worked her button- like clit.

For a moment both were still, then Ed slid down her body and kissed her pussy which was leaking their combined juices.....straightened himself up, got her in a big cuddle and kissed their mutual essence to her.

"Hi KD, it's so good to meet you at last !!"

Couples...the ecstasy of a tight fit !!

Sometimes couples do make a mess !!

Three is definitely not always a crowd !!

Girls in bondage

Hi Touslehead

Glad to see you're following me now....any requests ?

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Females and bondage

Touslehead gets even hotter than normal when this is around!!

If I've not told you lately......................

If I haven’t told you lately, I love it when you worship my cock. When you want me in your mouth so bad that you can’t even wait to get my pants off. When you’d rather get on your knees right where I stand than wait for me to sit down. Tonight, my love, I want this more than anything. I want to look down into your eyes as you lick my cock from bottom to top. I want to feel your hands cup my balls as I shoot my warm cum into your mouth while you take me all in.

Mostly, stiff is best!!